Anyone looking for a new apartment and keeping pets has a hard time in the real estate market. Even the mayor was unable to help the animal rights activist find new housing for himself and his proteges. All residents must vacate the apartment by March 31st.

At first, finding an apartment with 30 cats seems impossible. But it’s not just the animals that live in Moni Loewenkofer’s cat hospice:

“Sometimes there are 20 cats, sometimes 25, and at peak times up to 30 cats. I do not refuse an emergency. Animals come from oblivion and loneliness and I don’t send any back! “

It is a strong statement from a woman who has been active in animal welfare for more than ten years. The cats who care for her have one sad thing in common: they probably don’t have much more time to live.

Protective masks with a cat face 😷😻👇

The animal rights activist wants to offer the poor souls who are brought to her from the kennel a good evening of life. They are cats that no longer have a chance to be settled because they are old, sick or both at the same time.

Many of the animals, he says, have never had loving homes. With her, cats experience safety, care and warmth for the first time in their life:

“It’s nice to see when the cats bloom here again, even if it’s only for a few days or weeks. I just want them to be okay. Who are not afraid or have to fight for survival “.

Living with death

Hardly any cat owner finds it easy to let go of a beloved pet when the time comes. Most of us would like to ignore this topic.

As long as an animal is well, this is usually possible without any problems. But at the latest when a chronic disease announces itself in the advanced age of the cat, the thought is there: our time together on this earth is over.

Although her proteges are usually with her for only a short time, Moni Loewenkofer still finds it difficult to get used to death.

However, the animal rights activist is determined in her mission:

“I am completely exhausted every time a cat has to leave. What helps me the most is the thought of other animals, who still need me and for which I have to be there and stay strong “.

We are urgently looking for a new animal welfare cat house in Dettelbach (district of Kitzingen in Bavaria)!

Moni Loewenkofer and her approximately 30 proteges are at serious risk of losing their home. The landlord claimed his needs for his apartment and gave notice to his tenant. He must leave the apartment with his cats by March 31st.

“I can’t find an apartment for me and the animals. I also asked the mayor for help, but he couldn’t help me either. “

We are looking for a house or apartment with approximately 90 square meters of living space, preferably in Dettelbach in the Kitzungen district or in one of the neighboring municipalities. Animal rights activist doesn’t make big demands on her new home:

“Renewal may be needed. Draft windows and old wooden floors are no problem. It should be bright and practically habitable, that’s important to me. “

If you can offer something suitable or have a tip for the animal rights activist, you can write to our editorial team: Redaktion (at)

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Date: 08/01/2021


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