We love our cats and would never intentionally do anything to harm them. But some things that are fine from a human point of view can deeply hurt a cat. 5 things you may not know could harm a cat

1. The famous “neck grip” can be extremely painful

It is often used to carry a cat from A to B against its will. What can be bad when the cat mom uses it too?

Unfortunately a lot! Because unlike us humans, a cat mom feels exactly where she can grab her young with her teeth without damaging them.

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The weight of an adult cat is much higher than that of a kitten. This can easily lead to painful experiences in animals, which in the vast majority of cases would have been completely unnecessary.

2. Ban on completely natural behaviors

Cats scratch: Anyone with a cat should be aware of this. Preventing them from scratching is against the nature of cats. Unless otherwise usable items are available, cats will sharpen their claws on sofas and other furniture.

Against scratches in unsightly areas, it may be useful to spray the affected area from time to time with citrus scent. Just mix a few drops of citrus oil in a spray bottle with water and spray.

If, on the other hand, a cat is rewarded for scratching the “right spot”, it can carefully learn to sharpen its claws only there in the future. You can read more about cat breeding here: Breeding Cats With Clicker Training: Here’s How It Works!

3. As a punishment, press your nose into the stool or urine

This “training method” is particularly popular with dog owners, but it also occurs in cat families. It is an absolute ban on all pets!

4. Strong rebuke

Cats have extremely sensitive ears and hear a lot more than humans. Even if you are rightfully angry with your pet: a strong reprimand can seriously upset your cat!

Screaming isn’t necessary and at worst it can not only scare a cat, but also damage its hearing. It is more than enough to speak to the animal in a more rigorous and decisive way.

5. Disturb while eating

To avoid behavioral disturbances, cats should always be able to eat their food in a quiet place. Children who run, scream, or play shouldn’t be around when she tries to eat.

Either way, the cat will have an escape reflex while at the same time trying to eat the food it needs for life. This is extremely stressful for cats.


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