No Christmas bazaar, no flea market, no income – this is the grim tally of animal shelters run by associations in Germany for the pandemic year 2020. As the donation events could not take place, the animal welfare associations affiliates are now devoid of revenue in the high, double-digit millions.

Even before the crown pandemic, around half of all animal shelters in Germany struggled to survive. In view of the pandemic, the federal government has now recognized the need and has promised the sponsoring associations about 5 million euros in support for 2021.

Animal rights activists welcome the commitment, but at the same time warn that this sum will not even begin to be enough to cover the costs.

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In WELCOME Sunday Thomas Schröder, President of the German Animal Welfare Association, expresses concern:

“The holes in the budget have not even come close to filling and the crisis is not over”

The donation events were canceled due to Corona

Responsible municipalities usually reimburse animal shelters only 25 percent the costs incurred. Associated animal welfare associations have so far generated much of their income from public events such as Christmas bazaars and flea markets. It was customary to ask for donations on these occasions, and for most associations this concept had worked for decades.

As Christmas and other bazaars were not allowed to run due to the pandemic, animal shelters now lack money to a considerable extent.

Thomas Schröder suspects in WELT am Sonntag that the deficits are significantly higher than assumed by the government:

“As far as we know, the animal shelters affiliated with us have to face a loss of about 60 million euros”.

Thanks to Corona, animal mediation is experiencing a huge boom

Germany has so far been seen as a model in terms of animal welfare, not least because of its excellent organization. With more than 550 facilities, the German Animal Welfare Association is the largest organization supporting animal shelters.

While associations fear for their financial existence, the corona pandemic has favored the resumption of animal positioning: never before have there been so many requests for dogs and cats as in Pandemic year 2020.

Photo: Little Mountain Editions / Lisa Redfern / CC-0


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