The meow of cats is varied and can take on the most varied tones. Occasionally it is relatively clear what a cat wants to say to its human being, but sometimes even cat owners are quite perplexed.

When asked “What does my cat want to tell me?”, Cat owners may get an answer. Because Javier Sanchez, who was also involved in developing Amazon’s “Alexa” intelligent voice system, has the “Meow Talk” app developed. She should Translate the language of cats can he.

This is how the “MeowTalk” app works

The developers of “MeowTalk” assume this each cat meows individually. Therefore, there is no central database of meowing noises made by cats in the app, but cat owners can record the noises separately for each of their cats.

The basic principle of the app is as follows:

  1. Download the app for free from Google Play or the App Store and register.
  2. It is therefore possible to use an Art Profile for your cat invest. If you have multiple cats, you can also create different profiles.
  3. Press the record button and the app records the cat sounds.

Then the app provides a file Translation suggestionthat the cat owner can adjust if he knows the cat just wanted to tell him something else. These options are currently available:

  • Feed me!
  • Let me in!
  • Let me out!
  • I am angry
  • Leave me alone!
  • I’m about to attack you!
  • Hello!
  • I hunt.
  • I’m in love.
  • Mummy!
  • I have pain.
  • I remain.
  • other translation
  • I do not know

“MeowTalk” is a file smart app, this means that it works through “machine learning”. The purpose of the app is that you can hear the sounds of each cat regular registrations and the Adjustments by the ownerclassify and remember can he. This is how translations should be used if they are used frequently become more and more precise is tailored to each cat to be.

The app has other features, but they cost quite a bit: for about 85 cents ($ 0.99), you can hear your cat’s recorded “meows”, for example.

Here’s how the “MeowTalk” app works: create the cat profile (s), press the admit button, edit the translation if necessary.© Akvelon Inc./Private

How much does “MeowTalk” really contribute?

At first the app idea looks very interesting and promising. However, it should be noted that “MeowTalk” has only been on the market for a short time and therefore still a lot Need for improvement it exists, both in terms of content and technology. Furthermore, the question remains whether it really works and translates what the cat really wants to convey.

The reviews however, there are many on the app mixed: Some find the app super and relatively accurate in translations, others complain of the same or clearly wrong translations like “I’m in love” when the cat is obviously aggressive. As the app developers explain, in such cases cat owners should click on the “correct” translation and the app will remember it.

Our conclusion: At the moment the app is definitely a fun medium of entertainment that could have potential in the future. However, you don’t necessarily have to trust the translations, especially when it comes to cat health. Please don’t wait to go to the app vet to translate your cat’s meow as “I’m in pain”! And there are many other ways to understand cat language too: paying attention to facial expressions, body language and tail position, for example …

You will see in which direction the app will develop. One is apparently planned collarwhich should record the meowing sounds of cats and speak the translation aloud in human language. Then it would really seem that the cat itself was talking.

Each cat meows differently!
Each cat meows differently! ©


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