Do black cats bring bad luck? Total nonsense! Here are 9 pieces of evidence that show just how big black cats really are.

Unfortunately black cats are often unlucky, especially in animal shelters: visitors hardly ever notice them among their brightly colored conspecifics. So it happens that black cats stay longer in the shelter than cats of different colors.

There are good reasons to give a black velvet paw a home!

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Black cats: different character

black cat in the sun

Black cats are said to be some of the wildest domestic cats. Maybe that’s why many people fear them.

In fact, black cats have a wild and unpredictable side Behavior of their wild ancestors to remember. They value freedom and independence more than most other cats. When outdoors, black cats often face particularly large territories and defend them confidently.

At the same time, parallel to the ferocity of black cats, there is also another side: if animals love and trust their people, most of them are. cute roommates and real cuddly cheeks!

They are often special towards their people and their fellow species open and affectionate, Towards strangers, though rather shy. Sometimes black cats also show it in a demonstrative way Disinterest to people they don’t know.

They like to receive from people they know and love Caresses and enjoy the Attentionyou let them be a part of.

Do you prefer black cats? What your preferences might say about you

character traits of black cats

Black cats affect most people and in all cultures mystical and sublime. If you are particularly fascinated by black cats, you probably love him Extravagant.

You are probably also above average more focused and disciplined Human. Where others roam, you always manage to focus on the essential.

Sometimes you may seem a little bit to others arrogant or arrogant, but never forget: Level just looks like arrogance from below!

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Black cats: 9 reasons why they fall in love

1. No other cat can cast a spell on you with its gaze.

2. When black cats wear white socks, they look really good on them.

3. In the UK and New Zealand, black cats are considered lucky charms.

4. You have a pet that looks a lot like a real black panther.

5. Think about your outfit too: black goes with all colors!
Daily Wear: Purple Priestess
6. Black cats never forget how elegant they are 😉

7. And they can make themselves invisible.

8. Black cats like to cuddle.

9. Your aura is mysterious! Witches always have black cats.

VIDEO: The science of black cats


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