Much of our cat behavior is a book with seven seals for us. But a lot can be done with a little knowledge Psyche and cat anatomy explain. Behind every bizarre behavior there is a need, be it attention or safety. Here you can read what’s behind these 6 typical cat behaviors.

1. Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Cats get scared by putting a cucumber behind them unnoticed – questionable “fun”. Behavior expert Jill Goldman suspects cats are i Confuse the cucumber with a snake and be scared of the potential predator. In principle, however, cats often react frightened to objects they do suddenly behind them To appear. You should definitely avoid deliberately scaring your cat.

The things that suddenly appear behind them scare the cats. ©

2. Why can’t you see the gift in front of your nose?

You may also have wondered why your cat has one Bird at a distance of meters recognizes, but that Treat right in front of the nose Not. The cause of this nearsightedness is their predatory eyes: although the large eyes with their pupils are perfect night vision devices, they are practically useless at short distances.

Cats are unable to focus their sight on nearby objects. Anything less than ten centimeters from their eyes will remain invisible to them.

3. Why are cats crazy for cardboard boxes?

Cats love cardboard boxes, because a cardboard box is a safe haven, a place to sleep, a play castle and a hiding place all rolled into one. A “cat in the box” delivers small target for potential troublemakers: Anyone approaching the Cardboard Fortress can be spotted immediately.

Cats like to see their surroundings from a safe perspective. If a prey target happens to come along the way, it can be hunted for cover.

Hardly any cat can resist cardboard boxes. © Kratovich

4. Why do cats knock everything down?

One push and the vase sails off the table. Amy Shojai, behavior expert and author of several suspicious cat guides Curiosity and hunting instinct behind this behavior: “Examining a moving object brings together the best aspects of hunting.”

According to this, cats scurry around objects to get an idea of ​​how they move. If the object falls to the ground, the cat takes the same kick it feels with fleeing prey.

5. Why do cats like lying on their laptops so much?

Cats rule the internet, so it makes sense that they prefer to occupy our laptops too. Obviously every time we want to work on it. On the one hand, this is due to the heat of the electronic device which is particularly appealing to cats. But what they want most is ours Attention. If he is directed to a screen instead, cats quickly learn to “correct” us.

Home office with a cat isn’t always easy. ©

6. Why do cats sit on squares?

Under the #CatSquare hashtag, photos of cats accumulate in squares of adhesive strips. There seems to be a magical attraction that cats enter square shapes pulls. Indeed, there is a specific need behind it. Tight means for cats Safety and convenience.

Whether it’s ingenuity or imagination: Even though the squares of masking tape don’t have walls (like a cardboard box), cats see them as a possible refuge. This gives funny videos a serious undertone and clearly shows how important it is Places of rest for our cats they are.


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