Do you sometimes secretly dream what it would be like to go for a walk with your cat? Unfortunately, most cats aren’t initially thrilled about having a harness made specifically for cats. But after a while, most of them accept it. You can even get older cats used to being on a leash.

Cats experience a new freedom

My cat is 12 today. He only learned to walk on a leash when he was eight. It took a while, but now he loves his leash and wants to be taken out with it. It is important that you give your pet time and don’t expect him to immediately follow you like a dog! Let your cat decide what he wants to do outside and follow him discreetly 😉

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Because once cats get to know their newfound freedom through a leash, they usually can’t get enough of it. If you are patient with her, one day your cat may follow you like a dog would. But in many cases there is still a long way to go before then.

If your cat still doesn’t know she’s outside, she’ll want to smell everything first. He will want to wallow in the earth and enjoy scratching a real tree. These are all experiences you should definitely give a house cat! Every house cat should at least have a chance to hang out with you.

Give time and practice in the apartment

Unfortunately there are cats who do not want to be put on a leash even after several attempts, if you have the impression that they are reluctant to put themselves on a leash or even react every time in a panic, you should respect that. Even if she accepts the leash right away, you shouldn’t ask her to visit the block immediately. Instead, give her some time to slowly and gradually familiarize yourself with “the outside world”.

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Before you can venture out on your first trip out together, you should get your cat used to his dishes inside your apartment. Some treats can help her wear dishes in an attractive way. However, if she gets very restless and tries to remove the dishes, you should free her for now and try again later. Until your cat agrees to wear the harness, you cannot take him outside on a leash. Patience is also needed on this point!

I am going out for the first time

Once your cat has accepted his harness, it’s time for a first outing on the leash. But be prepared for this can be very short. Depending on his temperament, your cat may be irritated when he sees the outside world for the first time. Depending on whether you live in the city or in the countryside, it is not unlikely that she will immediately want to escape to the apartment.

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If she’s more of a daredevil, the strange environment won’t cause her much trouble. However, on your first trip together, make sure he’s not exposed to too many sensory stimuli. This is especially true of heavy traffic noise.

If you live in the city center, choose a time of day when not too many people are expected on the street. For example, during the week after sunset is ideal. Cats love the night and the protection of the dark also gives them a feeling of security.

Do you go for a walk like a dog? It works! (partly)

flickr / David de Hetre / CC-BY-2.0 Flickr / David de Hetre / CC-BY-2.0

Walking your cat on a leash will be very different from walking a dog, especially in the beginning. But with a lot of patience it is quite possible! My cat has known his leash for several years now and I can often walk him like a dog. Most of the time he follows my word when I call him, but I have to admit it doesn’t always work and it depends a lot on his mood. In any case, he loves to go out and often asks me to put him on a leash.

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