The Japanese love cats and pretty much everyone has known this since Hello Kitty was around. The Japanese especially love the so-called bow-tailed cat. It is considered a good luck charm throughout the country, but occurs almost exclusively in Nagasaki Prefecture. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the cat fan club has set up its own pilgrimage site. The facility is already a hit on Instagram.

“Bowtail cats are living witnesses to the history of relations between Nagasaki and overseas. I want this place to attract cat lovers. “

Nagasaki Cat Society President Shigeyuki Nishijima said at the opening of the Cat Shrine. The English-language website Japan News mentioned it The Japan News reported.

Cat owners of the target group? 😺😺😺

The Nagasaki Cat Society is also engaged in research into the history of this particular type of cat, called “Omagari nekos” in Japan. He assumes that the cat was brought to Japan by Dutch traders in the Edo period (1603-1867) on ships from Indonesia.

In Nagasaki Prefecture, around 80% of all cats are bow-tailed cats, while they are much less common in the rest of the country. The “Omagari nekos” include all types of cats that have a knot in the tail or a slightly curved, short and rounded tail. All over the country, animals are revered as good luck charms.

Cat lovers received a 2 million yen government grant

Incidentally, the cat sanctuary in Nagasaki was built in an empty shop with an area of ​​just 30 square meters. The city government awarded a grant of 2 million yen However, this is about 16,327 euros. More than 1,700 visitors visited the facility in the first week.

The property also offers guided tours where you can meet ‘Omagari nekos’ in the wild. The animal sanctuary will also serve as a central observation point for feline species. Most of the proceeds from the sale of bow-tailed cat souvenirs go towards the protection of this species.

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