Labeling is part of normal cat behavior and is also used for communication. In the open air, for example, they signal other cats that this is their territory. But it often happens that even cats begin to mark within their own four walls. Cat urine smells bad. So it’s no wonder that most cat owners don’t like it when their cat sprays urine outside their bathroom in their home.

Why is my cat scoring in the apartment?

The marking is used for cats Territory marking. You want other cats to understand this her Hunting territory, her Bed or – in apartment – her The place of feeding is. Especially in families with more than one cat, but also with single cats, the territory can be marked in certain places such as the preferred sleeping place, the sofa or the scratching post.

But territory marking isn’t the only reason cats mark places with their urine. Other possibilities are:

  • Means of communication, especially if you are willing to reproduce
  • fatigue

Especially there non-neutered male cats scoring a lot and tagging behavior often decreases with spaying, it goes without saying that marking is also related to the willingness of cats to reproduce. It serves to attract the attention of the opposite sex and to tell him: “I’m ready for mating!”

Marking around the house can also be a sign that the cat is watching stressed out feels. Stress can have various causes and in certain circumstances also lead to permanent impurities. Often times, tagging is a jumping act that occurs when the cat is unconsciously stressed (ex: she wants to go out, but the door is closed / she is stressed by noise / a change in the cat’s life leads to stress.). In that case, the cat subconsciously uses the brand Relieve stress.

Marking or impurities?

Marking and impurity in cats are often lumped together. But there are differences! These are:

  • The markup is usually a file less urine than if it were impure.
  • The marking is not about urination, but about communication. If it is unclean, however, the cat wants to urinate, but for some reason not in Litter box. Cats that score usually still use their bathroom to urinate.
  • Cat posture: Most cats squat while urinating; when urinating, they stand upright with their tail raised (which often trembles).
  • When urinating normally, the cat pees directly on the floor; when marking, he practically sprays urine horizontal against a vertical object (tree trunk, table leg, wall, door …).
  • After urinating, the cat tries to relieve itself to burynot during marking.
If your cat is unclean, you should definitely look for the cause and fix it! Impurity in cats always has a reason!
The posture of a scoring cat (photo) is different from that of a urinating cat.©

What to do if the cat scores in the apartment

If your cat is tagging around the house, do the following first:

  1. Determine if it is Marking or impurities acts.
  2. One Go to the vet (in both cases) to rule out physical illness (e.g. FLUTD) as a cause.
  3. Find out what the Reason for the marking behavior is with the cat. For example, observe in what situations your cat exhibits marking behavior.

In the next step you can try to mark the cat in the apartment to prevent. It is not easy because of them There are many causes. If stress is the trigger for tagging a cat, it can manifest itself in many different situations, which cannot be avoided. In general, however: Make your cat’s life as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips as examples:

  • If you know that the marking behavior is triggered if the cat wants to leave but the door is closed, you may need to get a cat flap.
  • If your cat can be quickly stressed by the noise, take appropriate precautions when you are examined, for example, and give one to your cat. quiet haven just for you.
  • Drive your cat slowly approaching changes or avoid this. Why change the type of cat litter if the cat is okay with the old one? When moving forage or bedding must, so do it very slowlygradually increasing the amount of the new product and decreasing the amount of the old one over the weeks.
  • If you move, you should always familiar favorite items of your cat take it with you to your new home. Don’t buy everything from scratching posts to new litter boxes!
  • Introduce to your cat a lot of attention and affection and play with her extensively. Give to sensitive and stressed cats safety.
  • Especially if you suspect a newborn or new partner as a trigger, you should pay special attention to the cat.
  • Ensuring a harmonious multi-cat family.
  • Check if the cat is worried about anything in your toilet.
Equally important: remove cat urine carefully! Be careful when using vinegar – if you use it first, it corrects the smell and can encourage the cat to mark the same spot again later.

The perfume sprays against stains in the apartment

There are also Fragrance sprays or diffusers for taking especially for cats, for example by Feliway, which secrete pheromones. These pheromones can calm cats and, among other things, ensure their marking behavior decreases.

Castration as a solution for marking in the apartment?

If your cat’s marking behavior is related to your ability to reproduce, you can also consider spaying your cat. Ready-to-mate male cats often go on long forays in search of a female and are often victims of road traffic. Castration has therefore many positives and also contributes to the protection of the cat. Most of the time, the marking behavior decreases after a castration (after a few weeks). However there is no guarantee for this. Spayed cats and male cats can also exhibit marking behavior.


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