To give a cat: This announcement often causes general outrage, especially in social networks. Exposure and defamation of the person concerned are unfortunately a common reaction from the community. Sad: the welfare of the animal, which it should actually take care of, is the least important thing. 6 tips on how it can be different.

People’s circumstances sometimes change from day to day. So it happens that even holding a cat can suddenly become completely overwhelmed. Finding a new home for the animal: today the idea and its realization are often just a click away.

Anyone who reads the phrase “give a cat” usually cannot tell at first glance what the exact intention behind such a wording is. However, the spontaneous reaction is, understandably, often bewildered.

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Because the crucial question is: does anyone here simply want to get rid of their pet as quickly as possible? Or is it not that easy for the owner to make a decision and sincerely wishes to leave it in loving hands?

What to do next time you read that someone wants to give their cat as a gift: 6 tips

1. Keep calm

First of all, it is important to stay calm. Don’t let your spontaneous emotions guide you. Realize that you are facing a complete stranger. You cannot understand his true motives, or at least to a limited extent.

2. Avoid teaching

Nobody wants to be educated by strangers on the Internet. If you try, you can, at worst, get the exact opposite of what you actually wanted to move – what if, at worst, the cat owner lets out his anger at you on the pet?

Important: it’s all about the animal! As a rule, reprimands do not lead to inspection by the recipient.

3. Beware of unclear words

Some people are unable to state exactly what their intentions are. Some things can be understood very differently from how they appear at first glance.

4. If you feel uncomfortable while reading an advertisement

In this case, the clear recommendation is: document and protect evidence! This is especially true if the pet to be given as a gift may be subjected to abuse by its owner.

How to take a screenshot: The “Print” or “S-ABF Print” button takes a picture of the entire screen. You can insert it into almost any program, such as Word or Paint, using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + p and then save it.

Most browsers also have extensions that can take screenshots.

5. Ask for help from animal welfare associations

Animal welfare associations and cat helpers are usually all too familiar with the problem of unwanted pets. Thanks to their extensive network, they usually have the opportunity to provide timely help, for example by finding a temporary foster home for an animal.

There are animal welfare associations, cat rescues and cat help in every town!

6. Whom to turn to when an animal is in grave danger

If an ad shows that an animal is in danger, take action! Please do not dial the police emergency number (110)! The right contact person is the public order office in your city. There are special animal welfare agents who can help you in this situation.

How acceptance helps us

As cat lovers, we find it hard to imagine anyone, for whatever reason, parting with their pet. There can be very different reasons behind it, which we sometimes get to know about, sometimes not.

Once the owner has made the decision, we can hardly change it. So we just have to accept things as they are. We must therefore carefully consider all our actions and always put the welfare of the animal concerned first.

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