Many cats don’t mind being home alone every now and then, others don’t like it at all. The fact is: at some point we have to leave all our kittens home alone. If your cat is home alone, you can use the following 5 steps to make the waiting time for your return more comfortable.

When a cat has to be home alone, we owners often have a bad conscience: is it okay for them to be without company? Is she bored, maybe she is tormented by being alone? The good news: Most cats don’t mind being alone for a while. Especially when they have some of them to play with.

Older pets in particular often sleep for many hours at a time and therefore often barely notice when their person greets for a few hours or even a little longer. Cats shouldn’t be left alone for more than two days at a time. Even younger cats shouldn’t be left on their own for too long if possible. In the first two weeks in the new home, it is best to supervise them around the clock.

… here are 5 tricks against boredom in cats:

1. Cat alone at home? Turn on the radio!

A simple trick my grandmother used: if her cat had to be alone for a while, she always turned on the radio. As with us humans, the noises of the radio can help chase away loneliness. However, you should be careful not to turn the volume up too much on the device.

Classical music or stations with a high speech rate are particularly suitable for velvet paws.

2. Objects of nature are a real experience for domestic cats

Cats are known for their keen curiosity for a reason. But for home cats, their environment is a limited space, where often not much new happens.

If your cat lives in the apartment, you can bring nature inside for her, at least a little. Just bring her some pretty feathers, pine cones, chestnuts, and more with you on your next Sunday walk.

If you distribute these things in the apartment you must first leave your cat alone so he can use the time to find out about these things and take care of them as he pleases.

3. A resting place on the windowsill

Cats love to sit by the window and watch what happens outside. Some animals can sometimes exercise for hours.

If you have to leave your cat alone more often, create a particularly nice place for her to watch what’s happening on her doorstep. A small catnip pot makes the space even more interesting for your pet tiger.

4. Sprinkle the bird seeds on the windowsill

A simple trick that has it all! At home, by the way, we call everything a Nachteil cat cinema.The only downside is that you have to regularly clean the remains of the birds.

5. Electric toy for cats


With this interactive toy ball cats really put themselves on tiptoe! The toy ball works with four button batteries. It only lights up when the cat starts playing with it.

And in any case: Those who have always wondered what cats actually do when they are alone at home, can get an idea in the following small video:


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