Cats purr not only when they are satisfied, but also when they are stressed or sick. Why purr is used by cats for health management: they try to calm down with it. Additionally, cat purring has healing properties and can help some diseases in cats and humans heal faster.

1. Broken bones heal faster with purring

When a cat purrs, it happens Vibrations for the whole body. Here’s how the Muscles of the cat stimulates. This in turn becomes that Stimulation of bone growth. Studies have shown that at a purring frequency of 25-44 Hz, bone density increases and bone healing is accelerated, even in humans on which the purring cat lies. For example, patients with osteoporosis have already been helped by increasing their bone density and promoting bone structure through vibrating pillows that mimic the purr of cats.

Several doctors in Graz have tested the effect of cats purring and for several years have developed a kind of vibrating “cat purr pillow” that mimics the purr of cats. They put the pillow on the painful parts of their patients’ bodies – and they achieved success with it! The pillow also healed the swelling and relieved the pain.

2. Purring against muscle and joint problems

Cat’s purring doesn’t just have a positive effect on bones. Vibrations also help Muscle and joint problems and osteoarthritis. This applies to all types of joints: from the wrist to the ankle. Cat’s purr can also support the healing process with problems with the spine and intervertebral discs. This is what the researchers found by mimicking the frequency of cats’ purring.

The purr of cats has a positive effect on bones and joints.©

3. Purring helps with lung and respiratory diseases

The Graz specialist for internal medicine and cardiology Günter Stefan has tested the use of cat pillows on people with COPD lung disease or asthma. Within two weeks, he placed a pillow on the left and right lungs of twelve patients for 20 minutes a day, which mimicked the purring of cats. Otherwise no other methods of therapy were used during this period. After the two weeks, all patients had better values ​​than before.

4. Cats can prevent allergies

Keeping cats has a positive effect, especially for children: in children living with a cat in the house from the age of one year, the risk of allergies in old age is reduced (if there is no previous family history). Because the immune system can form antibodies through contact with animals.

Tolerance to other allergies also increases from the first year of life when living with a dog or cat. This was discovered by a Swedish research group from the University of Gothenburg. The researchers found that children who lived with a dog or cat Later, children develop fewer allergies than children who grew up without pets. If the child lived with several pets, the effects were even stronger.

5. Petting cats when they have high blood pressure

Cats are also said to be able to help with high blood pressure: petting an animal for up to eight minutes Reduce stress and lower blood pressure. And that has an impact on cardiovascular health – according to a University of Minnesota study, cat owners have one lower risk of heart attack as well as a lower risk of other cardiovascular diseases

Cats make you feel good 03
Petting cats reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.© Andriy

6. Cats help with life crises and depression

Anyone who has a cat knows that the mere presence of animals makes you feel good and happy. Petting cats triggers in humans Hormones of happiness up. Cats can help and comfort even in difficult situations simply because they are there.

In a study by Professor Dr. Reinhold Bergler of the University of Bonn he was accompanied by 150 people in acute crisis situations, such as unemployment, illness or separation. Half of the test subjects had a cat, the other half did not have a pet. Over the course of the study, nearly two-thirds of cat-free people sought help from a psychotherapist, none of the cat owners. Additionally, cat owners needed significantly less sedatives than people without pets.

The professor explained this result with the fact that cats give joy of life and comfort and also how “Catalyst” in dealing with problems Act.


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