If a cat has lived outdoors for a long time, it’s not easy to estimate its real age. Living conditions on the street make many animals look older than they actually are. How the vet manages to determine the age of a found cat.

The most important information about a cat’s age is the Condition of their teeth give: up to the age of about five the teeth of most animals are still intact.

Only later, in old age, age-related problems arise with the dental apparatus. These include broken teeth, tooth decay, tooth decay and the dreaded FORL dental disease.

Another point the vet can use to determine a cat’s correct age is Condition of the fur. Older cats often have a matted coat because they brush less or perhaps not at all. Sometimes they smell a bit strong.

Like humans, cats tend to age with age Weight lossso that their expression may seem strangely pointed. The eyes get boring in old age, that Hearing it doesn’t work so well anymore.

Determining the exact age of a cat whose previous living conditions are largely unknown is not easy and sometimes not possible – deviations of up to 5 years can occur.

The accuracy of the age determined by the vet can often only be seen after living with the animal in question for a long time.

How old are cats actually?

Cats reaching the age of 20 and older are no longer rare, a factor that should also be taken into consideration when buying a young cat. Many people’s life plans also change more frequently in our time.

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Featured Image: J. Triepke / Old cat / CC-BY


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