The litter box is a central issue in any cat household. If the litter box stinks, it not only annoys people, but also the cat. Regular cleaning is therefore mandatory. If a smell develops despite all efforts, an old home remedy can work wonders.

It is obvious: to avoid annoying odors in the litter box, periodic cleaning and replacement of the litter box is mandatory! But how often should a litter box be cleaned?

First, there is no need to completely replace the litter box every time the litter box is cleaned! A “freshly stocked” litter box usually lasts up to five days. Only then should the litter box be completely renewed.

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If multiple cats use the bathroom, it is best to completely change the litter box after three days. On other days it is sufficient to remove the feces and urine from the toilet with the help of a litter box.

Cleaning in the litter box not only pleases your nose, but your pet as well: many behavioral problems in cats are ultimately due to poor condition of the litter box.

You should spare this for your kitty and keep his “quiet place” clean at all times!

How should a litter box be cleaned? Beware of chemicals!

Cats have very fine, round noses 60 million olfactory cells. For comparison: humans only have half of the olfactory cells.

The chemical odors of perfumes, detergents and household cleaners can severely irritate the sensitive sensory organs of domestic cats. They are therefore one of the most common reasons why cats sneeze.

The best way to clean a litter box is with vinegar! Vinegar not only neutralizes odors, but also removes the infamous urinalysis, provided it is used regularly.

If the urinary stones have already visibly settled, the corresponding areas can be wetted with vinegar for about half an hour. Subsequently, the urine stone can be easily removed with the rough side of a kitchen sponge.

If the litter box stinks, the cause may be the litter box

Cat droppings usually only smell for a short time, but then very intensely. Once it has dried for a while, the problem has usually literally disappeared.

If your litter box stinks, ammonia is almost certainly the cause. Ammonia has an extremely pungent odor and is formed when cat urine breaks down. So, if you regularly clean the litter box and still notice an unpleasant smell, you may be using the wrong litter box:

Supermarket cat litter is usually made from betonite. Betonite is a volcanic substance with good binding properties. In terms of smell, however, this litter box does anything but good.

To avoid odors, many cat owners have had good experiences with switching to eco-friendly litter boxes. The litter of Cat’s Best it is made up of 100% vegetable fibers. Advantage: it can can be ordered online, this also saves you the hassle of carrying around.

If the litter box stinks even though it’s always kept clean: this budget helps

Odors sometimes appear in the litter box even when you think you’ve done everything to avoid it. Also in these cases, taking into account the cat’s sensitive nose, the use of chemicals should be avoided!

On the other hand, an old home remedy can help: yeast (baking soda) has always been used not only for cooking, but also to neutralize bad odors.

To do this, one or two bags of yeast are spread across the litter in the clean litter, depending on the size. While baking soda can keep a litter box fresh longer, it obviously should still be cleaned regularly.

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How does a cat really want its “quiet place”?

Going to the bathroom is a particularly intimate time for people. Cats are no different. It is therefore important to avoid interference. Otherwise, a cat may be doing business outside the litter box.

There are closed and open litter boxes – you can find out which variant your cat prefers just by taking a test. Some pets appreciate the safety of a hooded litter box, others just like the opening (and always available escape route) of an open toilet.

What every domestic tiger depends on is the right litter size.


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