Life on the street has visibly bothered little Robby. Animal rights activists saved him from there and now they want to help him find his forever home. But the earless hangover doesn’t come with an easy package.

The kitten had both ears amputated due to cancer and has been deaf ever since. Because he can’t hear himself, Robby meows often excruciatingly, especially at night when he’s alone.

This could disturb some neighbors, the suspect’s employees Katzenschutzverein Katzen-Tempel. Robby’s new home should therefore have neighbors who don’t care. Of course, the ideal would be a detached house with a fenced garden, where the cat can go out under surveillance.

Protective masks with a cat face 😷😻👇

If other cats live in the same household, they should ideally be FIV positive just like Robby. Due to his infection, a hangover is dependent on medications for the rest of his life.

Disabled Robby quickly wins people’s hearts

Although the earless hangover has such a difficult fate, employees of the Katzen-Tempel association describe their protege as a grateful and extremely cuddly cat:

“She would like to cuddle with her people all day.”

With other cats, however, the sympathy has to be right, and Robby can be a little picky on this point, employees say. But who can blame the brave boy, after all, as a street cat he had to stand up against other cats for years to survive.

Nobody wants me? 😪

Hi I’m Robby, I’m about 4 years old and so far fate hasn’t been kind to …

Published by Temple of the cats to the Wednesday 13 January 2021

Robby is currently in Dachau, Bavaria, near Munich. Anyone interested in adopting the human cuddly cat can use the Facebook page of the Katzenschutzverein Katzen-Tempel Make contact. On weekdays, employees can also be contacted by telephone from 15:00 to +49 (0) 81 31 2 70 88 10 or by mobile phone to +49 (0) 70440 12 10.


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