You will surely remember the first time you met your cat and decided: “It’s you, we belong together!” A study shows like this “Human cat love at first sight” occurs and how much we affect our cats.

The owner influences the cat

The research group led by Lauren R. Finka of Nottingham Trent University studied the extent to which the Personality traits of humans and cats adapt and influence each other.

Scientist Lauren R. Finke is convinced: “Many people take it for granted that theirs Pets as a family member to designate and close social ties to build with them. It is therefore assumed that we are our pets through our behavior and our personality influence and form, similar to a parent-child relationship “.

Finka and his team interviewed over 3,000 cat owners to your personality. Next, participants should describe their cat in more detail and specifically address welfare and any behavioral issues that may exist.

The evaluation showed that the owner’s personality traits are not just those Cat health, but also them characterinfluenced.

Stressed owner? Stressed cat! This was the result of a study. ©

Helicopter owners make their cats sick

For example, there was a connection between high neuroticism (Tendency to emotional lability, fear and sadness) in the cat owner and behavioral problemsor overweightto his cat.

People with high extroversion (Penchant for sociability and optimism) lived with cats who were also a lot social have been and have spent a lot of time in action while high tolerance (Consideration, empathy and indulgence) also in humans compatible The cats drove.

Happy cat owners usually have a happy cat too. ©

We determine how our cats are doing

It seems cats are our deepest fearsbut also ours Joys reflect by adopting these characteristics. A balanced person makes a balanced cat – this is more than just a sentence.

A personality, whether human or animal, is always malleable to some degree. Knowing this can help not only to become more relaxed and more aware – our cats also benefit when we live with them radiate more calm.

Start with small everyday situations, such as when visiting the vet. Cats sense our nervousness. You can feel if we are worried or just running out of time. All of this is felt by them and it affects their behavior, they can get nervous and they are stressed out.

It is all the more important to consciously face your problems. Because if we’re happy, so is our cat – and vice versa, of course!

Blond woman playing with cat
Human affection, for example through interactive play, is extremely important for cats.©


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