He had the opportunity to intervene, but instead filmed the gruesome scenes and showed evident joy at what was happening: a hunter is said to have chased his hunting dogs on a tame white cat in 2018. In the disturbing video, he encourages his animals to be even more brutal in dealing with their “prey”.

It’s an act that leaves animal lovers speechless: apparently out of sheer delight in the suffering of a living being, a 31-year-old hunter from Simmern in Hunsrück is said to have chased his four hunting dogs on a helpless cat.

Last week the hunter had to answer in court. A small ray of hope: his gesture could lead to a prison sentence!

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So far, the hunter hasn’t confessed, although there is compelling evidence that he is indeed the author of the gruesome video. It circulated on WhatsApp among the man’s hunted comrades and briefly on YouTube.

Animal rights activists leaked a video and filed criminal charges

The video shows that the dogs reacted only hesitantly to their master’s commands, but constantly encouraged them, literally tearing the cat apart.

Animal rights activists from Peta the video leaked and he immediately filed a criminal complaint. Edmund Haferbeck, spokesperson for the animal welfare organization, told Bildzeitung:

“We have received a feed from someone in your circle that we need to keep anonymous. The person clearly identified the man as the person who incited the dogs. “

Disturbing claim: Animal rights activists would see more images like this, especially in the field of hobby hunting.

Anyone who is aware of similar trials can inform animal rights activists report online – also anonymous.

The accused is not a clean slate

Since the 31-year-old is silent in court, several experts are expected to have their say at the next meeting. Among other things, they should unequivocally assign the voice of the man in the video to the accused.

Patrick N. is said to have appeared in the past due to his aggressive behavior. It has also already been investigated, including for insults, aggression and cruelty to animals.

Date: December 6, 2020 / Photo: symbol image


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