How heartless! Ironically, in the winter, a CDU politician asks the law enforcement office to take immediate action against feeding places for abandoned cats.

Question background: The red-yellow-green traffic light coalition in the city council of Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia issued an ordinance on the castration of cats last week.

This is a sensible decree that is entirely in the spirit of animal welfare. The Cat Castration Ordinance requires all cat owners to have their pets spayed, chipped and registered. There are only exceptions for purebred cat breeders.

Protective masks with a cat face 😷😻👇

This is to prevent cats from reproducing uncontrollably in the open air and having offspring that no one feels responsible for.

Anyone who fails to comply with their duty as owner risks a fine!

Politician calls for ban on feeding cats as a logical “accompanying measure”

Cats that can be adopted in wild colonies are not uncommon. However, there is no official information on the number of cats living in the wild. Animal rights activists assume that between 40,000 and 100,000 stray cats live in the capital Berlin alone. There should be up to 3 million animals across Germany.

Animal welfare associations and communities regularly organize actions in which animals are captured, neutered and then released again. Placing animals in a home usually doesn’t make sense, as they don’t know how to live with humans and would be hard to get used to.

To keep animal misery in cat colonies as low as possible, freed cats are cared for by animal rights activists and individuals. This is exactly what is a thorn in the side of CDU politician Arnd Hilwig.

“Feeding stray animals in public spaces, parks or rivers also attracts parasites, I ask the public order office to act decisively”.

Also, there are no feeding places in the cat’s castration order. The scattered corners, however, are a big problem in the community. However, it is unclear who dumped the trash there. At least the cats, whose feeding must be banned, shouldn’t have been.

More on this topic: You can build a winter shelter for stray cats yourself in no time. Here’s how it’s done!

Date: 01/10/2021


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