Casual rocker guy, absolutely crazy about cats and well known in the US: Jackson Galaxy, the cat whisper. On her TV show “My Cat From Hell” she helps desperate people – and their cats. In an interview he reveals what his hardest case has been so far.

Lux hangover: Galaxy’s worst case

The whisper of the cat considers Lux, the hangover to be its worst case so far. The hangover ended like “The 911 Cat” even on the American news. The almost 10 kilogram heavy and very large cat Lux attacked his human family as hard as they themselves entrench themselves in the bedroom had to e the police called.

Particularly on the little son of the family the cat was looking for. Desperate, the family turned to the cat’s whisper. After further attacks by the cat on his new adoptive family, Jackson Galaxy was able to pass Lux the cat to a friend with whom they coexist harmoniously.

The cat attacks the child: this is the right way to act

Caution is always advised when handling cats and (small) children. Children cannot yet say when they will harm the cat. The cat often has no choice but to defend itself with claws and teeth. If the cat attacks a child, it usually has a trigger. Perhaps the cat has had bad experiences with children.

Make sure you follow these tips:

  • Do not leave your child or cat unattended.
  • Make sure the cat always has a way to escape and retreat.
  • When the cat sleeps, the baby should leave it alone as well.
  • Observe the basic rules when a child and a cat live together.

This is what makes cats so special to Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy reveals why cats are very special to him: I’ve lived with cats for over 25 years and I still learn something new about them every day. Cats challenge you: their love is not served on a silver platter. If you want to build a relationship with them, you need to be with them meet in the middle. I find it fascinating how they have tamed themselves, even if every nerve in their body dictates it differently: their body commands them. Ferocity and independence, yet they find a way to our hearts – and they open a way to us in theirs.

Tips from cat whisperers

After four books on the subject of cat behavior, ten seasons of cat therapy on television, many interviews and videos, Jackson Galaxy reveals the secret to living happily with a cat:

  • First secret: Cats are their own masters. It is important for humans to know not only the history of their cat, but the history of all cats.
  • Second secret: You need to put yourself in the cat’s perspective and see what conditions the cat has to build trust. They both have confidence in the ownership of their territory and in what the cat does in that territory.
  • Third secret: Trust our relationships. We humans are confident that our home is our home and that our family is our family. This is something that many people take for granted, but cats don’t. Relationships are the glue that holds men and cats together.

This needs to change when it comes to cat protection

According to the cat whisperer, in order to raise awareness of the protection of cats, it is necessary to clarify them: “You love your cat If you love your cat, it goes without saying that you love all cats. What about the cat living under your car right now? What about the cat that lives in your yard or in your neighbor’s yard? What about the new litter just born on the property across the street? If you love all cats, you should love these cats too.“In this way, Jackson Galaxy wants to create a better understanding of the importance of active cat protection.


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