Obesity in cats isn’t just a blemish, it can quickly become a health problem. How can you help your velvet paw lose weight?

When is the cat too fat? Recognize excess weight correctly

You can tell your cat has too much on its ribs, for example, from the rolls of fat that form behind a sitting cat’s elbows. Furthermore, the typical “prosperity flap” on the stomach is also a very clear indication of excess weight. If this applies to your cat, you should help him regain his normal weight as quickly as possible, otherwise they could threaten cat diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes or joint disease. With its ideal weight, the kitten will be much more agile and feel good.

How can my cat lose weight? The right food helps

Obviously you shouldn’t put your cat on a zero diet. This can also have life-threatening consequences. It is important to lose weight slowly. You should lose about 0.5-1% of your weight per week. To achieve this, you should switch to a reduced calorie food and omit any additional treats. At the same time, it increases the cat’s activity by playing, for example. If that’s not enough, the amount of feed can be reduced by 20%.

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