The “Milky Black” cat is about to become the new favorite cat on the Internet. The reason is its charming appearance and its two different eye colors: one is blue, the other orange. It is a rarity when cats have two different eye colors. Here you can find out why some cats have this peculiar characteristic.

Although there are only 30 photos and videos in ‘Milky Black’s’ Instagram account there, the black kitten with the piercing gaze has already entered the hearts of her followers. More than 46,000 people follow the black cat from China.

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Photo: Clare Zheng / Instagram

different eye colors cat

Photo: Clare Zheng / Instagram

His mistress Clare Zheng has given his unusual looks and ensuing hype around his furry friend a flood of interview requests. Magazine Business Insider recently revealed that “Milky Black” doesn’t like regular cat toys at all, would rather eat and sleep all day and was born with a genetic defect.

Cats with two different colors of eyes: how it is born

This defect is called heterochromia. It is why a cat can have two different eye colors. At the beginning of their life, all cats have blue eyes. Only after a few weeks do they get the same eye color they will have for the rest of their life.

cats with different eye colors

Photo: Clare Zheng / Instagram

The substance that gives color to eyes and hair is called melanin. Heterochromia occurs when access to the pupil is blocked by a genetic defect in the dye. One, or sometimes both, eyes have retained their light blue color from the child’s era.

because there are cats with different eyes

Photo: Clare Zheng / Instagram

The missing color pigments allow a direct view of the retina. But only when the light falls can we recognize the red retina supplied by the blood.

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There is one video in particular that made the cat famous so quickly

Clare Zheng received her unusual cat as a gift from a friend. ‘Milky Black’ is now three and a half years old, but it wasn’t until March of this year that her lover opened an Instagram account for her.

In the profile, it’s a very specific video that led the cat to the viral turn so quickly. There were more than 258,000 hearts for the recording, which only lasted a few seconds:

If you want to see more of “Milky Black”: check yours here Instagram profile.

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