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What Cats Need Now: 4 Tips for Cleaning Their Fur in the Fall


Spring and fall are times of the year when many cats shed particularly heavy hair. 4 tips on what you can do to make it easier for your kitty to change coat

As a rule, cats change their coat twice a year: before the onset of winter and in the transition from spring to summer. House cats are less exposed to the influences of nature. Their coat changes therefore often merge, so they shed more, sometimes less, throughout the year.

Now you can find out how you can make it easier for your cat to change fur in the fall:

1. Daily brushing is mandatory

From September to the end of November, the hair brush should be used at least once a day. With the right grooming tools, you can help your cat get rid of excess hair better. Great side effect: less cat hair ends up on the sofa, clothes and bed.

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The famous Furminator Most cat owners now know this. This grooming tool has particularly snug tips and thus penetrates deep into the undercoat.

grooming of cats in the summer

Photo: Caroline / CC-BY

FURminator deShedding tool on Amazon:

2. Brush well: that’s how you get the moment right

If your cat isn’t one of those people who really enjoy brushing their teeth, there is a trick you can use:

Remember this post on Pinterest:

3. Grooming from the inside: linseed oil

Linseed oil is a real treat when it comes to grooming cats “from the inside”. Linseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and generally has a positive effect on health.

An additional positive effect: the oil helps cats bring hairballs from their stomachs back into daylight. One tablespoon per meal mixed with wet food is sufficient.

4. Long-haired cats: should they be shorn regularly?

The fur of long-haired cats requires particularly intensive maintenance all year round. Owners of Maine Coons, Persian cats and associates know this: if they are not brushed regularly, their fur tends to become matted. This is uncomfortable for cats, as felt hairs can cause annoying itching.

For many owners of long-haired cats, regular shearing of their pets is therefore an established ritual. However, this is only really necessary if animals hate brushing and thus their hair inevitably becomes matted.

Unlike dog grooming, cutting cats should always be a last resort. Most velvet paws do not particularly appreciate this procedure and in the worst case behavioral problems such as impurity can occur.

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The veterinarian warns cat owners: it is better not to use this popular home remedy


Fever, sore throat, inflammation: in many families there are recommendations of home remedies as supposed natural alternatives to relieve various symptoms of the disease. Funds don’t always deliver what they promise, and some may even do more harm than good. This is especially true for careless use on pets.

Some beliefs about the alleged beneficial effectiveness of home remedies have persisted for generations, even if they are not true.

The vet Dr. Joniness from Engelskirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia urges pet owners to be careful:

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“While you don’t get it wrong for the organic plant approach, it can still end badly, for both the patient and the owner.”

Inflammation is promoted rather than inhibited

Specifically, it works in this Facebook post the vet on the use of chamomile tea for cat eye inflammation. Chamomile extracts are said to have a disinfecting and calming effect on inflammation.

In fact, the essential oils contained in chamomile are harmful to cats and can even exacerbate existing inflammation:

“Sore or inflamed mucous membranes don’t need an extra portion from the outside, and even scratched forearms are quite uncomfortable when held (…) Cats in particular don’t find it fun to be tortured with this method.”

If you want to clean sore cat eyes yourself at home, you should use boiled water instead, the vet advises. However, it should only be used on the animal once it has completely cooled down.

If eye inflammation persists, it is generally advisable to go to the vet.

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This is how cats show us their love


Few things in life are so flattering like the affection of a cat. Often they are the signals of the subtle body with which he makes us understand his love. Sometimes these feline love signs are clear, but as in any relationship, mutual misunderstandings can arise between cats and humans.

The 5 best signs of love a cat has for us

These 5 behaviors are a sure sign that your cat has deep faith in you:

1. Pedal and knead

Step on the kitten to stimulate the flow of breast milk. Kneading becomes an expression of the maximum safety that adult cats maintain towards us.

2. Little kiss on the nose

Head rubbing is a real sign of love! The perfumes with which the cat bathes us are called pheromones and they are imperceptible to us. For our velvet paws all the more, because they mean: “We belong together!”

Why do cats rub against shoes

Some cats have one Shoe tick: Especially when it comes to smelly specimens on the shelf. Cats rely primarily on intra-species communication Scented messages. The pheromones are exchanged with each other or distributed in the area and act as “invisible notes” that cats leave for each other and for themselves. The pheromones that form in the facial area are distributed by rubbing the head and mean: “You belong to me!” The same goes for shoes that normally carry extraneous odors from the outside. The latter are “overwritten” by writing your head.

Some cats have a lot of shoe skills. © Stock.adobe.com/Kristina Blokhin

2. Blink

Intense gaze, interrupted by a slow blink of an eye: this is how cats show trust and affection. Blink is definitely welcome!

4. The clipped appearance

A cat that shows its stomach and therefore its most sensitive part openly gives us a great confidence bonus that we should respect. According to Lena Provoost, an animal behaviorist at the University of Pennsylvania, the hair follicles on the abdomen are particularly sensitive. This is why very few cats like to be petted at this point.

The cat lies on the belly
Cats that show their bellies while they sleep make them feel safe.© Stock.adobe.com/Андрей Журавлев

5. Sweet mania for cleanliness

Reciprocal Cleaning Not only does it create a sense of community among cats, humans are also included in this relaxing ritual. When cats piously clean us with rough tongues, we’re pretty much all part of the family.

The 3 main misconceptions or: can it really be love?

These 3 behaviors of our cats are often interpreted by us as proof of love or an affront – what is really behind it?

1. Stalker on velvet paws

If cats don’t leave our side, they follow our every step and seemingly can’t be without us, it might initially be flattering to our egos. But can it really be the love of cats – or is it rather a lack of self-confidence and a feeling of insecurity, both of which are subconsciously reinforced by our behavior? There’s a line between the burdock’s purr and a true control freak, and crossing it is associated with a lot of stress, on both sides.

The cat rubs its legs
Some cats follow their humans like shadows.© stock.adobe.com/romablack

2. Questionable gifts

If cats bring their prey there, it’s not necessarily a sign of their eternal love. Rather, they want to make us aware of what kind of bad hunters we are and give us a little leap forward when it comes to hunting mice, just like the mother cat does with her kittens. Throw away the “gift” and console yourself with the thought that your cat will only mean good to you.

3. Marked with love

It’s no secret that uncastrated males are their territory sign with traces of urinethat you can smell like a non-cat three meters from the wind. But sometimes even cats and neutered cats show this behavior towards us, fortunately without urine! Cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy speaks of “false signs” and values ​​this pattern of behavior as a true proof of love. So there is no reason to feel insulted when the little cat demonstratively lifts its butt and vibrates its tail. This dry exercise is synonymous with well-being and positive excitement.

Animal rights activists sound alarm: corona pandemic is pushing animal shelters to the brink of existence


No Christmas bazaar, no flea market, no income – this is the grim tally of animal shelters run by associations in Germany for the pandemic year 2020. As the donation events could not take place, the animal welfare associations affiliates are now devoid of revenue in the high, double-digit millions.

Even before the crown pandemic, around half of all animal shelters in Germany struggled to survive. In view of the pandemic, the federal government has now recognized the need and has promised the sponsoring associations about 5 million euros in support for 2021.

Animal rights activists welcome the commitment, but at the same time warn that this sum will not even begin to be enough to cover the costs.

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In WELCOME Sunday Thomas Schröder, President of the German Animal Welfare Association, expresses concern:

“The holes in the budget have not even come close to filling and the crisis is not over”

The donation events were canceled due to Corona

Responsible municipalities usually reimburse animal shelters only 25 percent the costs incurred. Associated animal welfare associations have so far generated much of their income from public events such as Christmas bazaars and flea markets. It was customary to ask for donations on these occasions, and for most associations this concept had worked for decades.

As Christmas and other bazaars were not allowed to run due to the pandemic, animal shelters now lack money to a considerable extent.

Thomas Schröder suspects in WELT am Sonntag that the deficits are significantly higher than assumed by the government:

“As far as we know, the animal shelters affiliated with us have to face a loss of about 60 million euros”.

Thanks to Corona, animal mediation is experiencing a huge boom

Germany has so far been seen as a model in terms of animal welfare, not least because of its excellent organization. With more than 550 facilities, the German Animal Welfare Association is the largest organization supporting animal shelters.

While associations fear for their financial existence, the corona pandemic has favored the resumption of animal positioning: never before have there been so many requests for dogs and cats as in Pandemic year 2020.

Photo: Little Mountain Editions / Lisa Redfern / CC-0

Cannabis for cats: the main questions about using CBD oil


For a long time, cannabis was considered a hippie weed or a so-called gateway drug. However, the old cultivated plant is celebrating a comeback in recent years, especially in the medical field. Cannabis for dogs and cats can be administered in the form of CBD drops and has been shown to be very effective in treating numerous symptoms. An overview.

Cannabis has been used successfully for therapeutic purposes in the United States for many years. Above all, it promises relief from chronic pain Backache and joint pain.

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Even with pets CBD is used more and more often. As the legal regulations for medical hemp products were loosened in Germany, there were also the first attempts at therapy in the cannabis treatment for cats.

The old cat (19) was in dire condition when she arrived at the office of trained veterinarian Sabine Schroll. But it could be helped well:

“I’ve been using CBD oil, which contains the non-intoxicating substances of cannabis, on the old cat for a long time.”

Obviously with good success: the older cat suffered from chronic pain, which thanks to the oil containing CBD have now apparently been drastically relieved. The doctor reports astonished at the success of the treatment on her Facebook site:

“On the left you can clearly see how the hair on the forehead stands on end and the facial expression appears slightly pinched. Right a relaxed and satisfied cat with a smooth forehead and a joy to relax. The only difference: cannabis “

Hemp oil for cats: what does science say?

Cat oil was previously only known in the form of fish oil or linseed oil. It helps, for example, when changing fur in the winter. No long-term studies on the use of CBD-containing oil in pets have been found so far. There are numerous pet owner testimonials on the internet that are extremely promising. Because it has almost no side effects and since the oil is generally well tolerated, it is now freely available and uniform Available on Amazon without prescription.

Unlike CBD, the active ingredient THC can be harmful to cats’ health!

So who asks “Can cats be stoned?” It must be answered with an unequivocal YES. Unlike us humans, they experience the following High but as a pure horror journey, because your body can only break down the active ingredient very slowly. Treatment with home grown or purchased cannabis is therefore strongly discouraged!

Many cat owners wonder if CBD oil treatment is an option for their pet as well. Below, we want to answer the most important questions about cannabis for cats.

How does CBD work in the brain of cats?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a barely psychoactive cannabinoid found in female hemp. It has an anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and nausea effect. In the mammalian brain, it binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are naturally present in the brain, even in cats.

What diseases does oil help?

CBD-containing oil mainly helps relieve chronic pain. However, it can also be good support for general treatment of other symptoms. These include:

  • Anxiety and panic
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inflammation
  • Ataxia
  • epilepsy

Usually CBD-containing oil is chosen as a complementary treatment method. Treating a pet disease with oil alone seems to be the exception (again).

Cannabis for cats: can it be addictive?

Contains CBD-containing oil none intoxicating effect it is not addictive and can therefore also be used with pets. Caution is advised with preparations that do not clearly identify this active ingredient. For example, if the packaging simply says hemp oil, it is not 100% safe to use and should therefore be avoided.

Although CBD-containing oil is relatively harmless, the instructions for use in the package insert should be followed!

Should the vet prescribe CBD oil?

No. The oil was recently available in Germany without a prescription and can, for example can be ordered online. A cat suffering from chronic pain, for example, or could have a serious illness, should always go to the vet! The intake should also be discussed with the doctor.

My vet rejects cannabis oil on principle. What should I do?

cats can get high

Unfortunately, there are still doctors and veterinarians who are extremely critical of cannabis as a medicine. Often these doctors are not very well informed about the different and absolutely safe possible uses that this natural remedy offers in modern medicine.

Animal homeopaths are often more open-minded and also have a thorough understanding of CBD oil and Co. Many veterinarians are also trained in homeopathy. Anyone who finds one should include it in therapy.

Why is there CBD oil especially for pets?

Recently Over-the-counter oil containing CBD it was manufactured for use in humans. It usually contains a CBD dosage of up to 10%. Since dogs and cats are much smaller than humans, one is recommended for them about 2-3% lower dosage.

Bottom line: Medical cannabis products also promise good success with cats. They help with loss of appetite, relieve pain and help relieve anxiety. Although cannabis ever since Approved as a medicine in spring 2017 that is, many doctors are still critical of its use to this day. The reason is that cannabis is misused as a drug due to the THC it contains.

However, it does contain CBD-containing medical oil no THC whatsoever! Pet owners can help educate doctors about the positive benefits of cannabis. The international one, for example, offers serious information for those interested Working group on cannabis as medicine.

To exclude an overdose in principle, only those preparations should be used in cats that have been specially made for pets.

Have you had any experience with cannabis for cats or with CBD oil for pets? Write it for us Facebook!

7 tips for hiring a cat sitter, including a contract to print!


As an alternative to cat hotels, private cat sitters are becoming increasingly popular. But only those who have been insured well in advance can truly relax during the trip. 7 things that make a cat sitter happy, including a printable cat sitter contract.

The Mutual cat care is a popular way to use the services of a cat sitter. Interested parties can find what they are looking for on Facebook:

If you enter the search term “Cat sitter club‚It is the name of your place of residence, so – depending on the size of the place – you can often find out about different groups where cat friends get together to take care of their pets.

Protective masks with a cat face 😷😻👇

This is practical, but the concept is based on the fact that you have to take care of someone else’s animals in return. This isn’t necessarily for everyone. Those who do not want to take on such an obligation, but want their pet to be cared for in their own four walls, can often rely on only one professional cat sitter Fall back on.

Professional cat sitter: 7 tips to do her job well and with pleasure!

1. Make sure your four walls are inviting and tidy

Although it seems obvious: if you let a stranger or a good friend into your apartment while you are away, you should leave it tidy and clean. After all, the cat sitter also spends some sort of vacation while taking care of the cats in a strange environment.

Most people want to spend their holidays in a carefully prepared and clean looking place. Only when this requirement is met, can it be ensured that the cat sitter will do their best to have the cat taken care of, and not just to feed quickly and then disappear again immediately.

cat sitter-catsitter

2. Prepare supplies for the cat

Of course, a cat sitter will purchase more food and more. If something is missing during the nursing period, especially if this task was previously done in one Cat sitter contract was recorded in writing. To make his job as enjoyable as possible for him, you should take most of it yourself and stock up.


3. Precise instructions on how to do something

How often should the toilet be cleaned, how often can sweets be given? In order not to leave anything to chance, it is advisable to give a cat sitter precise instructions for taking care of cats. In theory, ours is sufficient Cat sitter contract to ensure adequate cat care at home.

The information in the file Cat sitter contract but it can be formulated more precisely by adding an additional sheet of A4 paper with detailed descriptions.

Download and print the cat sitter contract here:

4. Water the flowers, empty the mailbox? Tasks that need to be done besides cat care

Would you like your cat sitter to water your flowers or put the bin on the street when the garbage disposal runs out? This too should be discussed in advance. Our free Cat sitter contract it already contains the most common “side activities” of a cat sitter.

5. Appoint a friend, neighbor or acquaintance for acute emergencies

Who can contact your cat sitter in an emergency? For emergencies you should have one Person you trust with your mobile number details.

The Name of your vet and how to get there, your cat sitter should know too. Our Cat sitter contract it also contains matching placeholders for this, which you just need to fill out.


6. If the cat sitter has to incur unplanned expenses …

If your cat sitter has expenses for your cats while on vacation that were necessary but not planned in advance, it’s best to negotiate how to handle them before you leave.

For example, you can deposit a certain amount with your trusted person. This way you make sure your cat sitter needs to coordinate with the person in advance. If there is enough trust in the cat sitter, you can leave him a kind of “nest egg”.

find a cat sitter

7. Do something good for the cat sitter

The old proverb goes: small gestures keep friendship! It is very similar to your cat sitter. A little gift he didn’t expect can help him feel welcome and have fun doing his job: A bag of candy, a box of chocolates, a book or a small bouquet of flowers work wonders!

If your cat sitter will be living in your apartment for the duration of the care, you can sweeten their stay by putting together a small overview of the leisure activities: Where can you eat well in the neighborhood? What is there to see nearby? What activities can you do on the weekend?

Your cat sitter will surely be happy to have access to your WiFi.

Find a private cat sitter

Whether you pay for the cat sitting or it is reciprocal – in both cases, a cat sitter contract helps you accurately record key care data.

A template for a cat sitter contract can be printed here for free:

Remember this post on Pinterest:

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A hangover keeps peeing in the apartment: how to stop it


A cat pees in the apartment all the time. Our cat psychologist knows what can help against this.

Nicole M. asks:

Our cat after makiert in the apartment. Cabinets and sofa, it’s healthy. We erase it without reproaching it. What else can we do to stop it? The new furniture is out of the question “.

This is what cat behavior consultant Christiane Schimmel advises:

As long as it smells like urine, the cat will use it. First carefully remove the odor with an enzymatic cleaner and then keep a journal when and where it was marked and what happened the day before or what the general condition of the hangover was like. The marking or impurity can have many causes. Sufficient sanitation, lots of routines, and an adequate workload can help.

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A cat croaks all the time, what is it?


Your cat is robbing our reader of the last nerve. It meows all the time, even at night. What’s behind it? Our cat specialist knows the advice.

Diana P. asks:

Our Nicki is chatting constantly. As if he had to comment on everything. Regardless of whether you react or ignore it, keep stammering. And sometimes it’s upstairs, for example, even though we and our second cat are downstairs and there it screams like an abandoned kitten. Even at night it often happens that she “looks for”. It can be unnerving at times. ????

The Cat Behavior Consultant recommends:

I understand this very well. First of all, to understand: there are some cats that simply speak more than others. It’s like us humans ???? There are some cat breeds that are a little more talkative than others. Cats normally “speak” only to us humans, to communicate. But since you also write about screams and talk about it overnight … This is a different phenomenon. At that point I would like to clarify if there is a health problem and if pain is the reason. For example, older cats often scream especially at night because they can no longer orient themselves so well. At best, ignore the talk, please don’t scream if it’s a health issue.

Have you already received all the gifts? 🎅🎄

13 tips for a harmonious cat-human relationship


A good bond between you and your furry friends makes things a lot easier. For both sides. The everyday life it is therefore often for example carefree, without stress and full of reciprocal affection. Furthermore, the harmony between you also promotes yours mental well-being – you’re just general happier, happier is calmer. So I am also Stressful situations and inquiries at veterinary for the cat easier to bearwhen the person you trust is present.

I see another big plus in this matter especially for Outdoors. If you can show an intimate bond between animal and human, then the cat (in an emergency) is easier access and stop Your name. But also for Indoor cats This can be an advantage if the cat has to run out the apartment door or if it is on one of the apartment interiors dangerous situation (e.g. hot plate) too far away.

Since most cats in one Multi-cat family live, the last point should not go unnoticed: a good relationship with people can also be a relationship within the group of cats strengthen. By mortgage trust is joint activities they all grow together as a team, so each of these harmony benefits.

Do you have a heart for sick animals?


My name is Oscar. I’m not just as sweet as sugar, no, unfortunately I’m also diabetic. So a few more caresses would do me really good. My caregiver is working hard already, but there are so many here in animal welfare that she has to look after. I am 7 years old and I am looking for a house. I am currently staying at Tierhilfe Miltenberg.

I just need my two syringes every day. But I promise I won’t cause any problems. I always think to myself: “Wait, in a minute it will be over in a minute it will be over … over!” I promise: they are very simple! It may also be that with good posture and some time after the injection, you no longer need it. It would be tremendously beautiful … Perhaps there is also a fellow sufferer among you who would welcome me. Then we can always work together … you know …!

I have put together some information on diabetes in cats here, it is very interesting:

Diabetes in cats: possible causes

In addition to the risk of hereditary predispositions, cats may also have diabetes than others. The Burmese cat is one of the endangered breeds. Overweight cats are more at risk than cats of normal weight, and diabetes is more common in neutered males and cats over the age of six.

An incorrect diet, for example with sugary food, can promote the disease. Also, problems with the pancreas and other endocrine glands, as well as various medications, can cause diabetes in cats. If you experience any of the following symptoms in your cat, you should see a veterinarian.

Symptoms of cat diabetes: these are the signs to watch out for

Diabetes in cats often goes unnoticed for a long time, as the disease manifests itself only with weak symptoms at first. You should therefore be sensitive to even the small changes you notice in your cat’s behavior. Drinking more water and stopping urine, for example, can indicate high blood sugar levels.

The animal can also experience dull and bristly hair, fatigue and indifference. Cats with diabetes often have food cravings while losing weight. Some velvet paws show weakness in the hind legs and poor wound healing. It can be dangerous if you discover the following symptoms in your cat:

Acute symptoms that should see a veterinarian immediately

In the event of life-threatening changes in blood sugar levels, the cat should be treated immediately by a veterinarian. Signs of this can include obvious apathy, vomiting and confusion. Warning: Your cat may become dehydrated. You can recognize it by dry mucous membranes and with a simple test: use your fingers to fold your cat’s skin. If he does not straighten up immediately after leaving it, the cat is very likely to become dehydrated. Restlessness, muscle tremors, cramps and paralysis can also occur in case of hypoglycemia.
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