Can you eat a vegan cat? To many animal lovers, the very thought seems absurd, for good reason, as the meatless diet for cats is controversial. We interviewed three vegans who follow a vegan diet for their cats and asked them about their experiences and motivations.

For ethical and moral reasons, more and more people are choosing to give up meat in their diet. Many inner conflicts creep in when they have cats and dogs at home and continue to give them food containing meat: can one animal be reared, fattened and industrially killed to feed another?


The animal feed industry has long since responded to these concerns. Plant-based cat and dog food is available in vegan and supermarkets available online. Animal rights activists and vegan lifestyle advocates still debate whether this is really healthy or possibly even harmful to the animal.

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In the case of dogs, at least a vegetarian diet seems entirely possible: unlike cats, they are OMNIVORES, the so-called “omnivores”. Owners of vegetarians or vegans have a harder time because their pets will Carnivores, thus assigned to carnivores.


This means that they need minerals, vitamins and proteins of animal origin to stay healthy. Actually, why special vegan food promises to contain all this too – of purely vegetable origin, of course.

We met three vegans who, just like them, feed their cats without meat or are about to get there. We wanted to find out what changes, problems and difficulties arise with this diet. We also wanted to know how their personal environment reacted.

“I don’t say that to meat eaters at all. To vegan friends, who know it, it doesn’t matter “.

“Sometimes there is also meat for both of us.”

“Many would say” he should get a rabbit. “I only had my cats before I went vegan.”

Reference to this article on We speak neither for nor against feeding cats with special vegan food. Veterinarians generally consider this form of diet critical. The German Association for Animal Welfare also considers a vegetarian diet in cats inappropriate. According to Section 2 of the Animal Welfare Act, animals must be fed appropriately according to their type and needs. If you still want to feed your cats exclusively plant-based, we recommend that you never take this step without extensive advice.

Birgit, 61 (♀ human resources administrator, Berlin)

How long have you been vegan and what motivated you to feed your vegan cats too?

I have been vegan since 2017. In 2019 I had a visit from a vegan friend and he thought it was very disgusting that I had food with meat for cats. This was the first impulse to think about whether I could also feed vegan cats. After all, even cats eat the suffering of animals.

How does the vegan diet work in cats and how complicated is it?

I have five cats and to my amazement it was very easy. As advised to me, I first mixed conventional dry food with vegan dry food. For two days and everything was eaten.

So, for fun, I put down a bowl of exclusively vegan dry food and it was eaten the same way – of all five, I watched it closely.

They didn’t like vegan wet food, but it looked like a gray mush and didn’t even smell good.

Do your cats only eat vegan dry food?

At the moment it is still possible to get conventional wet food – around 130 grams per day – as a “treat”. But this is already the “creeping process”. They used to get more wet food. Soon there will be no more wet food, I only use the cans available.

I have already tested “vegan only” for 14 days – the apartment smelled much, much better!

Do your pets need to receive certain dietary supplements or is it all in vegan feed already?

According to the description of the food, everything that cats need is included. I also compared it to conventional feed – there are tons of additives in conventional feed.

I take a vegan food from the UK. It is a long journey and actually not particularly ecological.

Have you ever been to the vet with cats since you went vegan and told them?

No, I haven’t been to the vet. But I don’t even get my cats vaccinated (except for the balcony they don’t come out). That’s why I don’t have to go to the vet that often.

But my vet is a relaxed Buddhist, so I’m not worried. Also, I wouldn’t tell you at first, no matter which vet.

What do those around you say that you feed your vegan cats?

I don’t say this to meat eaters at all. Vegan friends in the know don’t care, even if some of them explicitly don’t want to change their cats. But I wouldn’t even say that to people I expect “resistance” from.

What would you say to someone who says “But cats are carnivores and must eat meat”?

Chicken, beef, rabbits and so on, what’s in cat food, they don’t even eat “in nature”. Additives are also added to regular cat food so that cats get all the nutrients they need.

I have had pets for over 40 years (dogs and cats – no dogs at the moment) and I don’t allow anyone to teach me what to do.

Would you buy cats again if one day your pets were in cat heaven?

I wouldn’t buy cats anymore. By going vegan, you question many things that were normal before. I loved going to the zoo, my best childhood memories are in the zoo. Today I see only innocent prisoners there.

It’s the same with house cats, they never really go out, especially in winter when the balcony door has to stay open. Then with – no matter what – food is also an environmental pollution (cans, especially when people feed Sheba, etc.) as well as litter. How many tons of litter have I used over the years? No, I don’t want it anymore.

When current cats are in cat heaven, I will not buy any more. At some point I would like to have an animal welfare dog again and that obviously will also be veganized.

Sami, 31 (♂ IT, Berlin)

How long have you been vegan?

For four or five years. Before that, I had been a vegetarian for a long time.

Why do you feed your vegan cats?

First of all, of course, I think about my vegan lifestyle. Years ago I heard somewhere that there was vegan cat food. At the time, however, I thought the idea of ​​feeding my cats vegan was still pretty weird.

When I was in a vegan supermarket I noticed that they also sell vegan cat food. I thought to myself, you can try it, and relatively spontaneously I took a bag with me.

My two cats (a kitten, a cat) responded well to the new food. But they actually eat pretty much everything else. Then I sold it more often and now both – with minor exceptions – are mostly vegan.

How does the vegan diet work in cats and how complicated is it?

For me it’s not that complicated. Everything animals need is already in my vegan supermarket food.

How difficult was it to switch to vegan foods?

Not difficult.

Do you need to pay attention to something specific in your cats’ purely plant-based diet?

Sometimes there is still meat for the two of them. However, this isn’t standard Whsikas food or anything like that. I make sure it’s a good quality organic brand where I can assume the animals have been well kept.

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What does your vet think?

I didn’t tell him. I have to admit that I never even thought about it. However, the situation has not yet occurred. Aside from that, the two look bright and healthy, they are only two and four years old.

How are the reactions in your environment?

So my mom looked a little weird when she found out. Then I explained to her that the food could be bought normally and that it wasn’t special at all. She eats a vegetarian herself and I think that’s why she understood it.

What do you think of someone saying “But cats are carnivores and they have to eat meat”?

I would say: you are right, in part. Now it is the case that animals need to be raised, reared and killed so that meat is available. Now we are all well aware that all of this is happening in the worst agony. If there is a way to avoid it, even for my cats, why not?

How has your cat changed since becoming vegan?

The litter box no longer smells as strong as there is rarely food with meat.

Nina, 25 (♀ payroll employee, Berlin)

Since when are you vegan and exactly have you been motivated to eat your cat vegan?

Since summer 2017 and a few months later, I have changed my cats.
I’m on the Internet at the same time
elements I came across the topic that inspired me to try.

My cats accepted the recommended food very well. Even afterwards his stool was quite normal. One of the two cats has had a much softer coat over time. Both are as brilliant as they were back then, so I have no worries.

How difficult was it to switch to vegan foods?

Not difficult at all. The food already contains taurine and cats actually preferred it to dry food with meat. It is a feed that can be used as a full feed.

Do your pets need certain dietary supplements?

No, only taurine is important and is already present. It really was very easy. But I’ve heard it’s not always that easy. But a friend of mine does the same with a hangover and doesn’t even have a problem.

Have you ever talked to a vet about your cats’ diet?

No, because, as I said, cats are awake. I don’t understand how this should combine with the claim that “vegan eating is not possible”.

My special feed took away my worries. Humans have designed it specifically for cats. It has nothing to do with “experimenting around” and eating “feeling” without instructions.

How has your environment reacted, who knows what you feed your vegan cats?

They would show me the bird. I can guess the answers, that’s why I left it.

Many would say “he should get a rabbit”. I only had my cats before I became vegan. Now, as a vegan, I would actually no longer have cats, but neither would other pets. An exception would be a street animal, which would be better off with me.

What would you say to someone who says “But cats are carnivores and must eat meat”?

Then I asked: “Why then with mine and many others even without meat?” My living proof that it is very possible without meat is there.


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