Many people envy cats for their relaxed and long sleep. Some even choose a cat as a pet “because they sleep 16 hours a day”. However, this is extreme Durationwhich is seen in very old, very young and sick cats, in winter – and when they are very bored. They sleep on average 12 hours, but this duration also varies according to age, season and occupation, as well as the distribution and duration of sleep and wake phases.

Every Sleep phase consists of light sleep, deep sleep, and REM (rapid eye movement), in which cats also dream. What exactly they dream of, however, we can only guess.

The Positions for sleeping they are extremely different, but they largely depend on the ambient temperature and where you sleep. When it’s hot, cats sleep flat, when it’s cold they snuggle up, as well as in small baskets or other relatively small places that some cats like to use.

Favorite Beds they are dry, soft and warm. Some cats prefer to be close to their human or sleep in physical contact with their social partner: human, dog, or cat companion. Most cats change their beds over the course of the day and also with the seasons, so it is advisable to offer many more beds than are available. It is therefore beneficial for both parties that cats can also sleep in or on beds, sofas, chairs, etc.

The cat at rest it is in the typical “little cat position” in the chest-belly position with the front legs bent or the chest-side position with the legs bent. She is still interested in her surroundings and can react quickly if needed, but she can also fall asleep from this position.

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