If you go on vacation and have someone else look after your cat during this time, you can deduct the costs from your taxes. So the tax court in Düsseldorf decided on Friday.

Request cat sitting as a “domestic service”

Protective masks with a cat face 😷😻👇

In the negotiated case, a cat owner regularly hired a cat sitter for € 12.00 per day during periods when he could not take care of the animal himself. Over the course of a year it reached a sum of € 302.90.

The cat owner wanted to claim the expenses of his next tax return as a so-called house-related service. The tax office refused, arguing that cat grooming could not be recognized as a domestic service.

Only cats can be looked after in your apartment

However, the Düsseldorf court of finance saw it differently. Pet care is naturally closely related to the owner’s cleaning and is therefore also subject to tax breaks. In this context, however, it is important that the cat was treated exclusively in the taxpayer’s apartment.

Featured Image: © cloudzilla / CC-BY

Source: Press portal


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