The behavior of cats is not always understandable to us humans and therefore often poses many puzzles. But is it possible that a cat also deliberately plays with its owners, for example to annoy them? Meike W. wonders this, our cat psychology specialist answers.

Meike W. asks:

“Dear Mrs. Schimmel, our cat always looks at us full of hatred, but when we do not suspect it or just want to leave the house, he wants to cuddle himself and needs much support. Then he sits howling in front of the cat flap and does not pass !! Only when one of us opens the door and walks out. But if we’re not in the immediate vicinity, he’ll go through the cat flap! I’m going crazy !!! Then there’s the food. The best canned food on the planet. She doesn’t want to. Go out and come back with a mouse and demonstratively eats the mouse in front of your plate. I have to constantly give the old cat food to the chickens (they are happy of course!). But if I put less on the plate, she eats everything and then wants more! It’s so blatant. .. now my question: what’s wrong with us? “

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The Cat Behavior Consultant recommends:

I assume you’re okay ???? Some cats are a little more demanding and seek their occupation by keeping us humans busy. There are some things cats can’t do: be hateful and do something demonstrative. Cats don’t know hate like we humans do and even a conscious action would require consideration. Sometimes cats bring mice with them to show us how to do it … just like they would their kittens. He trained them pretty well

What does a cat’s gaze reveal? Cats as part of sayings and proverbs

Our language also shows the great importance we attach to animals. We don’t buy a pig in one go and we know that mice dance on the table once the cat is out of the house. Many phrases are simply funny, but from many you can read exactly the characteristics we attribute to cats: they are skillful and intelligent, kind and loving – but on second glance they are also stubborn and even unpredictable. And indeed, many cat owners can only nod their heads – we love our four-legged friends for their versatile character and stubbornness. So it’s no wonder that magical beings have been with us for many centuries. They are part of our culture and therefore also various myths and sayings that we associate with animals with impenetrable eyes.


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