Few things in life are so flattering like the affection of a cat. Often they are the signals of the subtle body with which he makes us understand his love. Sometimes these feline love signs are clear, but as in any relationship, mutual misunderstandings can arise between cats and humans.

The 5 best signs of love a cat has for us

These 5 behaviors are a sure sign that your cat has deep faith in you:

1. Pedal and knead

Step on the kitten to stimulate the flow of breast milk. Kneading becomes an expression of the maximum safety that adult cats maintain towards us.

2. Little kiss on the nose

Head rubbing is a real sign of love! The perfumes with which the cat bathes us are called pheromones and they are imperceptible to us. For our velvet paws all the more, because they mean: “We belong together!”

Why do cats rub against shoes

Some cats have one Shoe tick: Especially when it comes to smelly specimens on the shelf. Cats rely primarily on intra-species communication Scented messages. The pheromones are exchanged with each other or distributed in the area and act as “invisible notes” that cats leave for each other and for themselves. The pheromones that form in the facial area are distributed by rubbing the head and mean: “You belong to me!” The same goes for shoes that normally carry extraneous odors from the outside. The latter are “overwritten” by writing your head.

Some cats have a lot of shoe skills. © Stock.adobe.com/Kristina Blokhin

2. Blink

Intense gaze, interrupted by a slow blink of an eye: this is how cats show trust and affection. Blink is definitely welcome!

4. The clipped appearance

A cat that shows its stomach and therefore its most sensitive part openly gives us a great confidence bonus that we should respect. According to Lena Provoost, an animal behaviorist at the University of Pennsylvania, the hair follicles on the abdomen are particularly sensitive. This is why very few cats like to be petted at this point.

The cat lies on the belly
Cats that show their bellies while they sleep make them feel safe.© Stock.adobe.com/Андрей Журавлев

5. Sweet mania for cleanliness

Reciprocal Cleaning Not only does it create a sense of community among cats, humans are also included in this relaxing ritual. When cats piously clean us with rough tongues, we’re pretty much all part of the family.

The 3 main misconceptions or: can it really be love?

These 3 behaviors of our cats are often interpreted by us as proof of love or an affront – what is really behind it?

1. Stalker on velvet paws

If cats don’t leave our side, they follow our every step and seemingly can’t be without us, it might initially be flattering to our egos. But can it really be the love of cats – or is it rather a lack of self-confidence and a feeling of insecurity, both of which are subconsciously reinforced by our behavior? There’s a line between the burdock’s purr and a true control freak, and crossing it is associated with a lot of stress, on both sides.

The cat rubs its legs
Some cats follow their humans like shadows.© stock.adobe.com/romablack

2. Questionable gifts

If cats bring their prey there, it’s not necessarily a sign of their eternal love. Rather, they want to make us aware of what kind of bad hunters we are and give us a little leap forward when it comes to hunting mice, just like the mother cat does with her kittens. Throw away the “gift” and console yourself with the thought that your cat will only mean good to you.

3. Marked with love

It’s no secret that uncastrated males are their territory sign with traces of urinethat you can smell like a non-cat three meters from the wind. But sometimes even cats and neutered cats show this behavior towards us, fortunately without urine! Cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy speaks of “false signs” and values ​​this pattern of behavior as a true proof of love. So there is no reason to feel insulted when the little cat demonstratively lifts its butt and vibrates its tail. This dry exercise is synonymous with well-being and positive excitement.


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