Our cats give us a lot. The time has come to give them something back. There are many ways to show this to your cat how important she is to you and how much you love her. These tips and tricks will help you.

Blink slowly

There is one among cats true vote of confidence blinking slowly. Animals would never close their eyes to someone who could be dangerous for them. Even the big catsblinking as a sign of relaxation and trust.

Show your cat that you trust her by helping her calm and relaxed look in the eye. Slowly close your eyes and reopen them a little. Your cat will understand the sign of love. Possibly he also responds with a blink of an eye.

Relaxed blinking is a true sign of love. © stock.adobe.com/Annett Seidler

Let the cat rub against you

If a cat rubs himself against other cats or people, he wants to do it distribute their personal pheromones and those identify themselves as a family member. A real token of love for the cat.

To return their love, you should absolutely allow this behavior and the cat for it stroke. If your cat is cuddly, you can too Lean your head lightly against that of your catwhen it rubs against you. Insist full of feeling, it will be a particularly pleasant contact with the body for your cat.

Give your cat loving body contact.© stock.adobe.com/Andriy Blokhin

Leave space

Even if you mean it right, you greatly damage your relationship with your cat if you treat him constantly chasing, they stroking constantly I want and not even in peace to leave. The cat also wants to determine for itself when it does what and for how long.

Show your love to your cat by showing your love to your cat give the freedom it needs. She will surely come back alone to be caressed. Also, every cat needs it undisturbed withdrawal, such as a scratching post or a cave.

Your cat must also be able to retreat. © stock.adobe.com/FurryFritz

Recognize the needs

You can also show your love for your cat by doing learn to understand their needs. Cats are not easy pets – they place high demands on their owners.

Even if the basic equipment fits perfectly, a cat owner should be able to do this too your cat’s current needs to recognize. Does the cat want to eat, play or would it rather be in peace? Your cat will appreciate your understanding.

Do you understand what your cat needs?© stock.adobe.com/Uzhursky

Be careful

Cats are considered independent, but also they need our attention. Therefore, no cat should simply live “next door” to its human or be alone for too long. Working together is important.

Show that you love your cat by helping him pay attention every day. Many times a day to play with each other is to snuggle comfortably together, it is important for most cats.

Note: Several short play sessions and cuddles spread throughout the day are often better than a few, long ones.

So, listening to and knowing your cat’s needs is a great way to help your cat “I love you” to accept. But even small gestures like blinking can show the cat how much she means to you.


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