Many cats have a particular preference for lying on their lap, chest, or stomach when given the opportunity. We will tell you why this is so and what you should definitely not do if the cat is sleeping on you.

4 reasons why cats love to lie to people

There are four main reasons cats love to lie down on people or at least cuddle themselves very closely:

1. Close the trust

If your cat lays on you and maybe falls asleep there too, that’s a profound vote of confidence. Today we know that cats are not solitary, but very sociable animals. You need closeness and social contact to be happy. In a multi-cat household, two cats like to pamper each other if they are really a good team – with single cats, humans take on this role.

Many cats want to be very close to their humans. ©

2. Find warmth

Cats love the sun and love warmth. You can often find them in the hottest places: on the sunny windowsill, on the stove or in a person’s bed. When they sleep, they snuggle up close and curl their tails. The sleeping person acts as a natural warming.

Tip: If you want to create a cozy nest for your cat, put a hot water bottle (not too hot!) Under your cat’s favorite blanket in a cozy, quiet place. Heat is especially good for older cats.

Cats love warm, soft sleeping places. © Africa

3. Safety and security

The closeness and warmth your cat feels when she lies down on you brings to mind the warm nest of the mother cat. Here all the kittens are snuggled together and feel safe. The heartbeat of the cat’s mother or that of a person also has a calming effect on the cat.

4. Signs of love

A cat that lies on top of you and sleeps there gives you its trust and shows your deep affection for you. You can be honored.

But there are also cats that do not allow too close physical contact with humans and would never have the idea of ​​lying on humans. The socialization phase early in the cat’s life is formative here. If the cat has absolutely no experience with humans here or has learned from the mother cat that it is best not to climb on humans, it is possible that she will keep it for her entire life. You have to accept this too: cats show their love in many other ways.

But not all cats want to sit on your lap. ©

You should avoid this behavior

If your cat has just gotten comfortable with you, it would be best not to bother him. Enjoy the rest together. A cat’s purr soothes and lowers blood pressure. Give yourself and your cat this close bond.

If you have to get up, don’t suddenly jump to your feet, but carefully lift the cat to one side. If your cat is repeatedly awakened from sleep after getting comfortable with you, it is possible that in the future it will seek a quieter place.


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