When two people don’t like each other, this is a problem: it applies to both humans and cats. But what if you still have to get along? Our cat specialist Christiane Schimmel has a tip.

Juliane U. asks:

Protective masks with a cat face 😷😻👇

Unfortunately, my Bruno (11) and Kater Bloodsucker (13) don’t like each other very much. They clash again and again, even though Bruno has lived with us for three years and the leeches even four.

We have already tried a lot! Unfortunately, it was sometimes so bad that they would stick, stick and keep silent about each other almost every day. Also, there were constant marks or impurities.

In the meantime he has improved and Bruno gives up. But if they both get the chance, they like to attack each other (attack each other from behind). Otherwise they like to sit facing each other and meow or growl at each other …

Maybe you have some advice on what else you could do?

This is what cat behavior consultant Christiane Schimmel advises:

When two cats don’t get along, there are many reasons. Sometimes there was a trigger that we didn’t notice. Maybe there was a loud bang or something else outside the window that scared one cat and the other was nearby and she has been associating it with him ever since. Or didn’t they both like each other from the start?

Not all cats get used to each other over time. I like to compare it to a shared flat where you live with a roommate, with whom at first there may have been a stupid experience that you never cleared up and then you have to see EVERY day.

Tip: Create positive experiences together

This actually increases the aversion. It always depends a lot on the characters. But if you always give both of you some super delicious food in relation to the shared apartment when they are together, they may combine the delicious food with each other and their mood will calm down.

It’s not that simple with cats, but the principle is the same. Create many positive experiences together. And it absolutely avoids that the two attack each other. Tip: Check the apartment for escape options so both of you can get out of the way and think about the third level (alternative options upstairs).

Giving both of them good experiences together. I prefer to click at this point. If the problem has been around for a long time and / or the overall peace of mind is greatly disturbed, I would call a cat psychologist / behavior consultant at this point.

Featured Image: Mark Turnauckas / Frank exchange of views / CC-BY


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