Spring and fall are times of the year when many cats shed particularly heavy hair. 4 tips on what you can do to make it easier for your kitty to change coat

As a rule, cats change their coat twice a year: before the onset of winter and in the transition from spring to summer. House cats are less exposed to the influences of nature. Their coat changes therefore often merge, so they shed more, sometimes less, throughout the year.

Now you can find out how you can make it easier for your cat to change fur in the fall:

1. Daily brushing is mandatory

From September to the end of November, the hair brush should be used at least once a day. With the right grooming tools, you can help your cat get rid of excess hair better. Great side effect: less cat hair ends up on the sofa, clothes and bed.

Protective masks with a cat face 😷😻👇

The famous Furminator Most cat owners now know this. This grooming tool has particularly snug tips and thus penetrates deep into the undercoat.

grooming of cats in the summer

Photo: Caroline / CC-BY

FURminator deShedding tool on Amazon:

2. Brush well: that’s how you get the moment right

If your cat isn’t one of those people who really enjoy brushing their teeth, there is a trick you can use:

Remember this post on Pinterest:

3. Grooming from the inside: linseed oil

Linseed oil is a real treat when it comes to grooming cats “from the inside”. Linseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and generally has a positive effect on health.

An additional positive effect: the oil helps cats bring hairballs from their stomachs back into daylight. One tablespoon per meal mixed with wet food is sufficient.

4. Long-haired cats: should they be shorn regularly?

The fur of long-haired cats requires particularly intensive maintenance all year round. Owners of Maine Coons, Persian cats and associates know this: if they are not brushed regularly, their fur tends to become matted. This is uncomfortable for cats, as felt hairs can cause annoying itching.

For many owners of long-haired cats, regular shearing of their pets is therefore an established ritual. However, this is only really necessary if animals hate brushing and thus their hair inevitably becomes matted.

Unlike dog grooming, cutting cats should always be a last resort. Most velvet paws do not particularly appreciate this procedure and in the worst case behavioral problems such as impurity can occur.

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