A common cause of impurities in cats is stress. Stress can be triggered by a wide variety of situations. But there are other reasons cats get dirty as well.

The wrong litter as a reason for impurity

Some cat owners overlook very simple reasons for their cat’s impurity. Because it often is Litter box even behind the impurity. It is for example too small or stand on one for the cat unattractive place, this can cause stress to the cat and may no longer use its toilet.

Also litter with roof (and hinged door) they are unpopular with some cats and can cause impurities. The Change of bed linen be a reason.

Mental causes of impurity

Impurity in cats can have other emotional causes:

  • sofa: If the cat does his business in the owner’s favorite place, it is usually a classification problem or the humid protest is intended as a request for more attention.
  • inDoor area: Have you rarely been home lately? Or have you accidentally locked the cat in or out? Have you been in a different apartment with the cat for a while? All of this could explain the impurity in this area. Think about what has changed.

Many cats respond Changes very sensitive. Moving, new family members, or other changes in the cat’s life can lead to impurities.

Diseases as causes of impurities in cats

Dirt often comes from external disturbances, but disease can also be a reason for refusing to use the litter box. If a cat avoids the toilet during / after a urinary tract illness or diarrhea, they associate it with pain and hope it hurts less elsewhere.

Sick cats can associate pain with the toilet and thus become unclean.© FurryFritz-stock.adobe.com

Getting a check on impurities in cats

Warning: if the cat has made mistakes more than three or four times, the impurity can become a “habit”. But that doesn’t change the stressful situation. If you simply tolerate the impurity, you have to expect the problem to continue aggravated. Unless you find out the reason in advance. There is always some reason for impurities in cats!

  1. So the first step is to get a file veterinary to exclude organic causes of impurity.
  2. The next step is to take a close look at the litter box and see if anything about it is causing the cat stress. Also, consider if there have been any recently Changes which could cause stress in the cat.
  3. Once you have found the cause, avoid it in the future.

If cats mark it doesn’t mean they are unclean

Marking is often confused with impurity. But these are two different things! Marking is part of the behavioral repertoire of cats and is completely normal, while impurity always has causes that must be recognized and avoided.

The marking is therefore not a disaster! The cat does not mark because it wants to urinate, but because it wants to mark its territory or wants to communicate with other cats, for example. This behavior can often be observed in cats ready for mating.

Impurities in old cats

Old cats can forget where their bathroom is or they do not reach them in time because bladder pressure “overcomes them” while they sleep. It is best to place another toilet directly on the way to the other toilet.

With older cats and kittens, you should bring a litter box with you low entry to choose.

But don’t go overboard with the need for cleaning: you shouldn’t stress the cat or wait with the shovel to do its business. So he may get the idea that his excretions in the litter box are not desired at all. So go elsewhere.


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