Many cat owners are familiar with the scenario: one moment the cat is still happy and sleeping, the next it attacks the human hand with its claws or bites. What kind of people often suddenly and for no reason appears, but always has a wallpaper for cats. Also, cats usually cancel their “attacks” in the file In advance on – so I’m not at all suddenly! Humans ignore early signs such as the tip of the swinging tail or big ears.

Reasons for cat attacks

Cats are by nature Hunters and they have an innate hunting instinct. This instinct also resides in house and apartment cats. Because, however, they no longer have to hunt to survive and, in part, especially to house cats move too little, you can no longer train so well and yours Energy builds up. At some point it happens that the accumulated energy manifests itself in the form of attacks on the owner. Other reasons for cats’ attacks on their owners can include:

  • The cat is scared.
  • The cat is suffering.
  • The cat’s need for rest is not respected.

When your cat attacks you when you attack her certain places touch, this is a sign of pain! In this case, you should take one urgently veterinary search for. If he is afraid of something, fix the situation for your cat. And if your cat wants some peace and quiet, respect it!

Already known? People often subconsciously “teach” their cats to “play” with their toes or fingers, unless they are forbidden to do so when they are kittens. When little kittens play with their owner’s toes, most of them find it cute. What many don’t think about: The cat carries this behavior with it into adulthood. Therefore, be careful from the start consistent rules.

It distracts the cat

Often, if your cat ambushes you, it helps confused: A hard rubber ball that gets hit hard on the floor and then bounces up and down on its own is just as distracting as a stuffed toy you’ve thrown away from you. This way you draw the cat’s attention away from you and the cat releases its energy in other ways.

Play with aggressive cats

If your cat isn’t exhausted and is attacking you accordingly, help regular play periods to introduce: three to four times a day for 5 – 10 minutes each time, always at the same time. So let your cat run wild and warm him up completely. Your attacks on it ignore You turn away from her and don’t allow yourself to be provoked. If the attacks occur mainly in or out, leave the room or house calmly and quietly after an attack and give the animal a chance to calm down.

Always avoid violence, loud words, punishment and excited yelling. This is not a solution and it hurts Human-cat relationship.


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